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Waterproof LED Bay Light 100w-300W

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Product Abstract:

Applications: Factory, gymnasium, lighting engineering, squares, golf courses, ships, airports, subways, commercial establishments, overpasses, outdoor advertising, landmark substandard wall panoramic lighting.

Product Description


• Innovative Liu connection process technology, a modular cooling body composition, light and strong, to achieve maximum cooling effect with minimum weight;

• Scale High purity aluminum reflector, excellent lighting performance, 25 ° -100 ° multi-angle options to meet the professional light distribution, to adapt to different situations;

• Optical grade glass lens, light uniformity, the optical efficiency of 92%, non-glare, high uniformity, 0.5 above;

• High-power constant-current drive power, wide voltage input AC85-265V, power factor> 0.95, harmonic small;

• Imported chip COB package and high lumens single high-power LED as the light source, the color is good, light stability, and close to natural light;

• the entire lighting efficiency 95-110LM / W, light body surface temperature is below 55 ℃, life of 50,000 hours.




 Product Model  MY-GKD-G100-300
 Input Voltage  AC85-265V
 Freqency Range  50HZ-60HZ
 Power Factor  >0.95
 Power Efficiency  >90%  
 LED Power   100W、150W、200W、300W
 LED Luminous Efficiency  95-110Lm/W 
 LED Intial Flux  11000-33000LM 
 LEDColor Temperature  Warm White3000-3500K/white6000-6500K
 Color Rendring Index  Ra>80
 Beam Angle  25°、45°、60°、90°
 LED Power Supply  Imported waterproof drive power
 Light Design  LED lamp beads + high-purity aluminum cover with light
 Shell Material   Aviation aluminum ultra-white glass +
 Working Temperature  -40°C- +50°C
 IP Grade  IP65
 LED Life  50000H
 Power Cables  Brown: L FireWire, blue: N zero line, yellow-green: G Ground
 Replace traditional light  500W Metal Halide / 1000W sodium












 MY-GKD-G100-300 series contain: 100W, 150W, 200W, 300W, choose the right lighting power according to different places.




Gao Peng widely used in factories, shipyards, other places need lighting mine site, crane, golf courses, buildings, docks, airports, overpasses, squares, stadiums and the like.



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