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High power LED floodlight 150w-180W

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Product Abstract:

Mainly used in building exterior lighting, landscape lighting, logo and indication lighting, billboard, square lighting, factory workshop, site lighting, mine lighting, stadium, stadium, warehouse, rockeries, bridges and the like.

Product Description


• high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy, bold Vitex convection design, cooling effect, the surface anodizing, polishing, sandblasting, corrosion never rust;

• High-purity aluminum reflector, oxidation, anti-color, reflective effect, glass panels, high-intensity light protection, light transmission rate of 98%;

• High-power constant-current drive power, wide voltage input AC85-265V, power efficiency> 90%, power factor> 0.95, harmonic small;

• Imported chip COB package and high lumen LED flip chip as the light source, color rendering index Ra≥75, stable light source, and close to natural light;

• the entire lighting efficiency 90-110LM / W, light body surface temperature is below 55 ℃, life of 50,000 hours.






  Product Model  MY-FGD-D150-180
  Input Voltage  AC85-265V
  Freqency Range  50HZ-60HZ
  Power Factor  >0.95
  Power Efficiency  >90%  
  LED Power   150W、180W
  LED Luminous Efficiency  90-110Lm/W 
  LED Intial Flux  16500-19800LM 
  LEDColor Temperature  3000-3500K/6000-6500K
  Color Rendring Index  Ra>75
  Beam Angle  120°
  LED Power Supply  Built-in waterproof drive power
  Light Design  LED chip + lens
  Shell Material   Aviation aluminum + glass
  Lamp Size



  Working Temperature  -40°C- +50°C
  IP Grade  IP65
  LED Life  50000H
  Power Cables  Brown: L FireWire, blue: N zero line, yellow-green: G Ground











Applications: used in building exterior lighting, landscape lighting, billboard, square lighting, site workshop, mine stadium, rockery bridges, community gardens and other places lighting.






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